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Magnetic Dart Board is so safe and practical that it is the toys business' best choice. Great for children and adults, nobody gets hurt if they get hit by one.
Fit for indoor and outdoor,You'll love the click of the magnets hitting the target, the cheers that follow & the practical applications of math & physics as kids tally point totals & strategize methods for hitting a bull's eye.

Must have Magnetic Dart Board Lets you enjoy this all-time family favorite in complete safety! Giving a new twist to an old favorite, magnet dartboards provide traditional fun for the whole family. Held by magnetic force. This magnetic dart game is first to be patented worldwide. Darts are made of Nd Magnet which energize the magnetic field and land on your magnetic board with precision. Since darts are round (not sharp) your family can enjoy this game in safety. Due to enormous magnetic strength, dart hits and stick to the board easily.


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